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(Siaobei) Cheng Gong Night Market

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Siaobei Chenggong Night Market is open every Tuesday and Friday. It is close to Siaobei shopping complex. There is an interesting tidbit behind its current name. Its official title is wordy and a mouthful, and since "Siaobei" in the Taiwanese dialect is much more memorable than "Chenggong," the misnomer, "Siaobei Night Market," became more widely accepted. This historic tourism destination has been in business in Tainan for more than 30 years, and it can also be roughly split into three sections: sundry goods, street food, and entertainment. During business hours, this magical place attracts tourists like honey attracts the bees. Free parking is available. About a dozen superintendents are hired to keep traffic moving and prevent theft. Speaking of these superintendents, they have actually assisted in a bust and helped the police nab a posse of car thieves. The night market has successfully reinvented itself by establishing its Facebook page and an official website. Market events and "booth spotlights" are posted online to generate buzz.

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