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The Flower Night Market

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The Flower Night Market sat previously on Yude Road. It was relocated to the intersection of Hewei Road Section 3, and Haian Road Section 3, where Jhengzihliao Redevelopment Zone is located. Booth operators come to the night market every Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays to set up their outposts. Together, the former and new Flower Night Markets have enjoyed 10 years of steadily flourishing operation. Despite its short history, the night market is growing in popularity and fame.

A spacious, free-of-charge parking space, at more than 2,000 pings in size, sits next to the night market to accommodate drivers and motorcyclists. Security guards are on site for supervision. Booth vendors begin their preparation setup around 5 and 6 in the afternoon. The hours between 7:00pm and 12:00am are the busiest, and competition is impossibly cutthroat. Vendors prefer hoisting their banners and signs to the highest vantage point possible for attention. These high-flying signs have also come to define the Flower Night Market.

The night market can be roughly divided into several hotspots: street food, entertainment, and sundry goods. The "street food" section is decidedly the market's biggest tourist draw. Stuff your face with barbeque chicken, pickled guava sprinkled with sour plum powder, oyster omelet, stinky tofu, roasted rice balls, and an endless list of signature dishes. At sundry goods section, you can pick up street-chic fashions, accessories, and other cool "bling" to tool around town in. You can even work off the calories with a game of hoop-throwing, ring toss, or a round at the pinball machine. And, to ensure the quiet and peace of the residents nearby, booth vendors stash away their PA systems and microphones after 10:00pm. No music is allowed during business hours.

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications ran a " Destinations 2010: Night Markets" in 2010. The Flower Night Market ranked No. 4 in all 6 performance assessments in an online night market poll. It was also chosen as "The No. 1 Night Market in the Universe" and "The No. 1 Hot Date Spot." In 2013, the market received the most Facebook check-ins in Taiwan, and the 12th-highest check-ins globally.