Traditional Markets

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Sigang Public Market

Sigang Market is located near the famous Cingan Temple. According to legend, the temple is located in a carp hole, so the market fittingly features carp in its decorations. The walls of the market also features images of local life and history, and visitors are immersed in the culture of Sigang as they do their shopping. The market is orderly, clean, and bright, and completely free of the pungent smells sometimes associated with traditional markets. Stalls feature a plethora fresh meats and vegetables along with local foods, like Sipin Pork Belly Rice and Sigang Roasted and Boiled Chickens, which attract visitors to the market just to taste their famous dishes. In 2015, Sigang Market was awarded a 2-star certification as a model marketplace and hopes such recognition can attract more customers and spur business.


- Winner of a 1-star certification as a model marketplace in 2015