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Jinhua Public Market

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This market had 96 stalls when it first opened. Operating licenses were issued to applicants who were marked “financially underprivileged” on the city government’s records. The market performed poorly in its first year and many vendors threw in the towel or transferred their operating rights to others. At that time, the city government had just begun an urban renewal program, and it added street vendors stationed by the nearby Sanguan Temple, a quota of 45 (stationed by Jinhua Market's wing), to reach a sum of 141 booths (stalls). In 1999, the market was recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as 1 of the 5 representative renewal market sites and it set an example for other markets aspiring to form a union to promote business regeneration.


- Winner of a 3-star certification as a model marketplace in 2012
- Certified as a "green market" in 2013