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Dongcaishih Public Market

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Many years ago, areas surrounding Dongcaishih temple were a popular hangout for panhandlers, earning the town a unique moniker, "the haunt of the starving ghosts." This market, at over a hundred years old, is Taiwan's first tobacco-free traditional market. Vendors here are known as fastidious gate-keepers of their merchandise, and famous for their pride in the quality of their goods. Shoppers, acknowledging the vendors' rigorous quality control protocol, tacitly refrain from haggling. This unusual exercise of self-restraint and mutual trust earns Dongcaishih Market several clever monikers: "market for the society ladies," and "market for the rich."


- Winner of a 3-star certification as a model marketplace in 2012
- Winner of a 4-star certification as a model marketplace in 2015