the Tainan Market Insider

These two sections oversee the city's market operation, management and planning; conduct supply/demand surveys, on-the-job training for superintendents, project planning, documentation, setup and assistance of vendors' unions; effectively promote and support the city's traditional retail markets; incentivize and effect market investment programs; and support the revitalization and upgrades of disused market spaces.
This section supervises independently-operated vendors, vendors operating in designated marketplaces and night markets; oversees orderliness and cleanliness of market spaces; coordinates inspection programs and reviews inspection results for food safety services; assists in vendor unionization programs; archives vendor data, and outlines a centralized market management project to service the vendors.
The section oversees the upkeep of market buildings and facilities, ensures public safety, provides routine sewage and plumbing services, provides repairs and emergency maintenance, supports electrical engineering projects, revamps fire safety facilities, and manages public facilities maintenance.